Alex W. Milne

Welcome to Mountain Photography a virtual gallery for my mountain images. I have been photographing in the mountains now for over 30 years. I started off walking in the Scottish hills and graduated to mountaineering in the French Alps. I expeditioned to Kenya, Nepal and the Karakoram. That was back in the 1980s. Since then I have continued to go ski mountaineering and get off into the hills with occasional ice climbing and rock climbing trips. But always with a camera. And with time the cameras got bigger and bigger. Eventually I took a large format Toyo Field camera with me. The image quality improved as the seriousness of the mountaineering diminished. I have always had an obsession with image quality. In the mountains I mainly shoot in black and white. Whereas for documentary work I tend to shoot in colour. More recently I have worked in digital. Currently my tool of choice is the Nikon D800. A follow on from the seminal D700. There is much discussion about my days in the hills with my cameras in my blog. I do however prefer to take images rather than write about it!!! So what you'll find are the images and the occasional commentary, when I get passionate about things.


  Through time nevertheless my photography has evolved.  It is important to me that my imagery has a strong narrative, both in the mountains and when I am at a major event.  I carry a camera wherever I go, whether abroad on assignment in Bangladesh, or Nigeria, or closer to home at the Glastonbury festival.


   Finally please get in touch if you wish to purchase prints or organise advertising rights.


   Enjoy the site.




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