Alex W. Milne

Everest Here Continents Collided  A trekking guide to the geology and scenery of the Everest area.  Available on Amazon, the iBookstore or Barnes and Noble.

Glastonbury Day and Night  My monochrome dive into the depths of the 2015 Glastonbury Festival.

The Glastonbury Vibe. My photo documentary of the festival.  Published in 2014 it covers, in as much as you can, the 2009-2013 festivals.  In the spirit of the festival is a free download.

Cham15:  The Real Surreal   My  eBook which explores the shifting light of the Chamonix valley, in the cold depths of winter.  Free download.

The Kate and Wills Royal Wedding. A photo documentary of the Kate and Wills Royal Wedding of the good and the great as at happened at street level.  A piece of on the day street history.  Available for purchase on Amazon and the iBookstore.

All images © all rights reserved Alex W Milne 2018